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About HRD Software, LLC

HRD Software, LLC. is a company formed in 2012 to continue the development of the Ham Radio Deluxe software suite for amateur radio. Our goals are:

#1 - To have happy customers who would recommend Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) to their friends. Providing great service to our customers is our best form of marketing.
#2 - To make great software for amateur radio operators.
#3 - To have the kind of employees that our customers rave about.

Ham Radio Deluxe History

Peter Halpin (PH1PH) and Simon Brown (HB9DRV) started developing Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) started in 2003. By 2005, there were over 20,000 registered users worldwide. Peter went SK in June of 2005. Simon continued to make great progress through great participation of volunteers. By 2010, there were over 100,000 registered users and Simon’s interests turned to other endeavors.

In late 2011, Mike (WA9PIE) talked Simon into selling the source code and all rights to Ham Radio Deluxe to Mike and two other partners – Randy Gawtry (K0CBH) and Rick Ruhl (W4PC). Rick was the managing partner through the end of 2016. At the beginning of 2017, Randy and Mike took assumed control of the daily management of the company. Lindy Southwell (KB9PIE) has managed the day-to-day operations of the company since 2018.

As of August 1, 2021, HRD Software acquired the equity of Randy Gawtry. Mike became the sole owner of HRD Software, LLC.

HRD Software is now a family owned and operated business.

The HRD Software Team

Dr. Michael Carper, WA9PIE - Founder, CEO

Dr. Michael Carper (Mike) is the remaining one of three co-founders who founded HRD Software, LLC in 2012. During 2017, Mike took an active role in managing portions of daily business operations of HRD Software with a focus is on Sales, Support, and Digital Marketing. Today, he sets the agenda product development. In mid-2021, Mike acquired the remaining interest in the company and became the sole owner of HRD Software.

Mike is globally recognized technology leader with experience in several industries - mining, specialty retail, ecommerce, healthcare and telecommunications. He is based in Brisbane, Australia where he lives with his wife Tammy (KB9YHU) and daughter Annie (WN9PIE). He has 30 years of experience in the engineering and support of telecommunications and information technologies in the retail, healthcare, financial services, and telecommunications industries.

Mike was first licensed in 1974 as WN9PIE, while living in Greenfield, IN. Mike is an avid DXer. His DXing achievements include:
> DXCC Mixed Honor Roll (344 all-time), CW (328), Phone (305), Digital (257), 9BDXCC (need 8 confirmations on 6m), Challenge (2,454)
> CQ DX Honor Roll for CW and SSB
> CQ DX Field Mixed Honor Roll (175), CW, SSB, and Digital
> CQ WAZ Mixed, SSB, CW, 5BWAZ

Lindy Southwell, KB9PIE - Chief Operating Officer

Lindy had been with us for many years on an occasional basis. In 2018, she became responsible for the daily operations of HRD Software. She focuses on Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support. She has an MBA from Texas Christian University.

Kevin Young, KC7FPF - Technical Support

Kevin provides technical support for our customers.

Retired USAF 20 years Maintenance F-4 F-5 T-38 F-15. Information Technologist, Network Administrator and Computer Technician CCTV/Telco and Network Cable Installer. Obtained ham license in 1994. Kevin is also a W5YI Volunteer Examiner and Elmer to new hams. Net Control Station for SCARS Net (South Coast Amateur Radio Service), Net control station for Local ARES net, Manager/Net Controller for the Ham Nation 40 Meter Net.

Ferry Holsderver (PD9FER) - Technical Support

Ferry is a technical support volunteer residing in The Netherlands.

Police officer / ICT Systems engineer / Music recording engineer / Doing electronics repairs. Has been a HAM since 2007. Was with HRD Tech support in 2012 but had to leave due to illness. Just returned a few months ago and is doing a fine job in Tech Support.

Tammy Carper, KB9YHU - Sales Support and Marketing

Tammy provides sales support to our customers and dealers on an occasional basis as a volunteer.

Tammy has extensive experience in sales. She's a licensed real estate broker. She has an undergraduate degree in finance/real estate from Indiana University. She's been a ham since 2001 and joined the HRD sales team in May of 2017.

Amber Jean - Sales Support

Amber supports our customer as part of our sales support team. She resides in the North Dallas suburbs.

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