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Contact Us for Sales or Technical Support for Ham Radio Deluxe

There are Many Support Options for Ham Radio Deluxe Clients

Ham Radio Deluxe Support

**KEYS: If you are a customer and need your software activation key, please try this before contacting the support team. It will save you time.

Go to https://keyretrieval.hamradiodeluxe.com and use the email address associated with your purchase to retrieve your key and have it emailed to you. In the unlikely event that your key is not found, then contact the sales team at sales@hrdsoftwarellc.com and they will get one generated for you and send it back to you via email. When you get your key, please copy (Ctrl-C) the key from the email and paste (Ctrl-V) it into the software. (The system doesn't generate invalid keys. If you get an error, it wasn't entered correctly.)

New Features and Support Customers

Customers who are within an active New Features and Support period have the following options:
Free Support Options

Customers who are not covered by an Active New Features and Support period have the following options:
Technical Support Provided Through Initial Contact on our Online Trouble Ticket System

Customers can record their support questions on this easy-to-use website where the technical support staff often begin the process of support. Upload images and steps that describe your trouble report. Occasionally, this process leads to phone calls and remote support.

Peer Support Forums

In these forums, customers help each other and share ideas about learning and expanding your knowledge about Ham Radio Deluxe.

Sales Support

Customers with pre-sales questions can contact us directly by phone. Often this process opens online trouble tickets to document trouble details and can lead to remote support.

Sales Support Phone Hours

9 AM - 6 PM EST


(469) 842-7001

(NOTE: We are closed on U.S. Government holidays.)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Many questions that our customers contact us about have been asked before. For that reason, we highly recommend that customers try our easy-to-search FAQ database.

Ham Radio Deluxe FAQs

YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel contains helpful videos that explain how to use Ham Radio Deluxe. The videos range from basic installation, setup, and configuration instructions to more advanced features.


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