Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook Ham Radio Logging Software

Logbook is a powerful ham radio logging software program within Ham Radio Deluxe. It is a complete DX operations center. Beginning with a robust database engine, Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook screams operating convenience. Packed with features, Logbook is the ideal shack accessory for everyone from the novice rag-chewer to the most accomplished paper-hanger. It becomes a DXer's best asset. Keep track of all important contact information with the click of a mouse. Look up name, QTH, and other important information about your contacts using a variety of online and offline sources. Interface with the popular QRZ.com call sign database (subscription required), or a free look up service.

Logbook also interfaces with DX Spider cluster servers for spotting the rare ones. The Bandmap feature graphically displays spots within a band with up to 10 bands visible at once. With just a click of a mouse, swing your beam to the DX station’s heading. Once you have the rare DX in the log, integration with Trusted QSL makes uploading to Logbook of the World a snap! Downloading from LoTW is just as simple. In fact, Logbook interfaces with many popular electronic logbook services, including eQSL, HRDLog, and ClubLog. Logbook keeps track of many popular awards too. Logbook is packed with features!

  • DX cluster support for DX Spider, CC Cluster, and AR Cluster
  • Auto-population of frequency and mode from radio integration
  • Worked Status Indicators (WSI) in DX cluster show you what DX you need to work and confirm
  • Over 200 awards supported in 16 awards programs (endorsements); advanced awards reporting
  • One-click LOTW upload/download
  • Automatic upload and/or download to eQSL, ClubLog, QRZ log, HRD Log.net
  • Callsign lookup integration with QRZ.com, QRZ CD, Buckmaster CD, RAC CD, HamCall.com subscription, Callbook.info, HamQTH, QRZcq
  • Country atlas info via Wikipedia
  • Integration with Google Earth to lookup DX location
  • Able to network and share a single log across multiple stations for real-time logbook updates
  • Able to record rig audio for playback
  • Continually updated solar weather via WWV and WCY
  • Bandmap view of DX spots

HRD Logbook Main Screen

Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook Main QSO Logging Screen

HRD Logbook DX Awards Tracking Report

Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook DX Awards Tracking Totals

HRD Logbook DX Awards Matrix

Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook DX Awards Tracking Matrix