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Download Ham Radio Deluxe Software and HRD Product Manuals

Ham Radio Deluxe Software

Download Ham Radio Deluxe Software Ham Radio Deluxe v6.8.0.308 (31-July 2022)

Download Links for Prior Versions:


Read this BEFORE you download and install this software.

Keys formatted like "ASDF-QWER-ZXCV-ASDF" will NOT work. That software license server was replaced in July 2019. Replacement activation keys were emailed to all customers of-record who had valid email addresses at that time.

Version 6.6 (and beyond) requires a new key formatted like "QWERT-YUIOP-ASDFG-GHJKL-ZXCVB-MNBVC".

DO NOT attempt this unless you have the new key in this format BEFORE you install.

In most cases, your new key has already been created and emailed to you.

To retrieve your new key, visit the following website to check for your replacement key using the email address associated with your purchase. There is no charge for this.


You will receive the key via email to the email address associated with your purchase. Copy/Paste the key into the registration - making sure there are no blank spaces before or after the key.

Contact us at https://Support.HamRadioDeluxe.com if you are unable to obtain your key.

This download is the same for FULL or TRIAL versions of Ham Radio Deluxe. This download includes all bug fixes to date. The Trial version converts to a Full version when a software activation key is purchased and applied to the software after installation. This enables operators who used the Trial version to maintain the logbook database and other settings after their purchase.

Release Notes (Change Log)

Download Eltima Virtual Serial Port Driver (VSPD) Eltima VPSD

If you purchased Eltima's VSPD from us, please download it here. Your key is available to you in your receipt.

Ham Radio Deluxe Guides and Manuals

We have transitioned from a static PDF for our manuals and user guides to a dynamic online manual. This manual is a direct export and PDF of that wiki. Unless you desire to print and read over 250 pages of user guide, we recommend visiting the wiki directly. It can be searched easily for the latest information. We are transitioning away from a manual in PDF or printed fashion. The content can change several times each year and it's not practical to continue printing it.

NEW ONLINE Manual - please consider visiting our wiki at: https://Manual.HamRadioDeluxe.com

Download Ham Radio Deluxe Software Rig Control Guide Ham Radio Deluxe Rig Control

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