Amateur Radio Topics and Stories of Interest for Ham Radio Deluxe Fans

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter | 2018 Review

    We can’t help but reflect on how much has been accomplished in 2018 – in all areas of HRD Software. This might be a longer newsletter – but hey, we’re wrapping up a fantastic year!

    In these past 23 months, we have not had any negative reviews made online. But on all forums we have found, the reviews are unanimously 5/5. We’re very pleased with that, but we’ve only scratched the surface. (I’ve always said that the most important thing to the success of a business is customer service. We’ve made it a cornerstone of our culture.)

  • ​Ham Radio Deluxe v6.4.0.902 Released

    Ham Radio Deluxe v6.4.0.902 Released

    The version of Ham Radio Deluxe is now available for download. This is the final release for 2018.

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter for 7-Nov-2018

    “Can you show me your waterfall?”

    One of the most common requests I’m getting at hamfests lately is from prospective customers asking – “Can you show me your waterfall?” Initially, I quickly went to DM-780 and displayed its waterfall and this satisfied many inquiries.

    A few months ago; however, I received a comment from a prospective customer who said, “When are you going to expand the waterfall in DM-780 to at least 25kHz?”

    After that last inquiry, I started doing some research. Was it even possible to increase the waterfall in DM-780 to 25kHz?

  • Ham Radio Deluxe v6.4.0.886 Released

    The version of Ham Radio Deluxe is now available for download. Please download it from the Download pages on our website at:

    This release is a "Big Deal," folks. I believe this to be true for two reasons:

    One - This release is the most stable release of Ham Radio Deluxe ever produced.

    And two - I am pleased to say that we have dramatically improved the application integration with WSJT-X and N1MM. The "QSO Forwarding" feature has been improved to where it's extremely easy to setup Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook to receive QSOs directly from WSJT-X as-if they originated in DM-780.

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter for June 24, 2018

    I wanted to take a few minutes to let folks know what our plan is for the next 90 days.

    Next release of Ham Radio Deluxe, Software License Server, Other Development, Status on Development Backlog, and Hamfest Calendar

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Release Now Available

    Ham Radio Deluxe has been released.

    This is a maintenance release and it resolves an issue found in a minority of cases where the installation routine could not replace the HRD Remote Server service. There are no other changes in this release (from the 843 release).

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Released

    The version of Ham Radio Deluxe is now available for download. Please download it from the Download pages on our website at:

  • The Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter for 2018-05-23

    This year, for the first time I can recall, we received only positive feedback. Folks gave us some friendly constructive feedback too - and we're grateful for that. What I'd like to do in this newsletter is to give a bit of an overview for our time at the 2018 Dayton Hamvention.

  • HRD Software Announcement - Ham Radio Deluxe Released

    Ham Radio Deluxe Released

    The third release of Ham Radio Deluxe for 2018 is now available for download.

  • DX Cluster Addendum

    Read this blog first -

    This blog is an addendum to that post regarding the practice of making multiple connections to the same DX cluster simultaneously.

    This is an important read.

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter April 19, 2018 - Understanding DX Clusters

    I often get questions about the use of DX cluster connections. There’s a lot of misinformation out there. The purpose of this newsletter is to explain a bit more about DX clusters. This will help you get the best out of your DXing. Understanding how DX clusters work will enable you to get the best out of the DX aspects of amateur radio.

    The purpose of a DX cluster is to alert interested hams (DXers) that there’s a DX station on-the-air.

  • HRD Software, LLC announcement - Ham Radio Deluxe Released

    The second release of Ham Radio Deluxe for 2018 is now available for download. This release contains 60 public changes and eliminates 8% of the software development backlog. This change includes significant improvements to Icom CI-V commands, operability of the Kenwood TS-590, improvements to Logbook filter, QRZ lookup issues, issues, IOTA importa/export problems, issues with PSK Reporter, updates to the country list, addition of Worked All Britain awards, all hyperlinks now open in the machine's default browser, elimination of crash scenarios, improvements in performance, and much more.

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter for 2018-03-21

    Today, almost simultaneously around the world (though it was more like a wave), our clients began reporting that Logbook crashed without warning. This crash happened regardless of Windows operating system version, and affected Ham Radio Deluxe versions all the way back to 5.x and up to the latest version. About 45 minutes later, clients were able to restart Logbook and the program behaved normally.

  • HRD Software, LLC announcement - Ham Radio Deluxe Released

    The first release of Ham Radio Deluxe for 2018 is now available for download. This release includes a number of important changes including the addition of the Icom IC-7610, resolves a Logbook exit problem, resolves "sort on LOTW date", API for QSO Forwarding now populates Logbook with My Station data, a number of fixes for the Kenwood TS-480, applications remember screen position, enable CI-V address to be entered directly, and a number of stability enhancements.

  • Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter for 2018-02-21

    In this edition of the Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter, I want to provide an update on the priorities for HRD Software during 2018. The content I’ll use here was presented at the Orlando Hamcation this month and was well received.

  • Notes, Hints, and Tips on Installing New Versions of Ham Radio Deluxe

    Many folks wanted to know if they had to uninstall previous versions or how much work was involved in installing the latest version. Generally speaking - all that is necessary is to simply download and install the latest version. It will install as an upgrade to the previous version. All logbook databases, macros, and settings will be retained. Those upgrading from version 5 will see an upgrade wizard that will step through the process of upgrading the installation to version 6. This is done while retaining settings for version 5 as a precaution.

  • Republic of Kosovo added to the DXCC list of Active entities

    Ham Radio Deluxe Country List Updated to Add New DXCC Entity - Kosovo. The standard procedure for updating your country list is to open Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook. In the upper menu bar click Tools, Global HRD Settings, Auto-Update, Check for Update, Use Updated List, and click "OK". You can also select the option to have Ham Radio Deluxe automatically check for updates when you launch Logbook.

  • Automatic FT8 Logging for JTAlertX and Ham Radio Deluxe with QSO Relay

    Editorial de Mike, WA9PIE; HRD Software, LLC

    We here at HRD Software would like to extend a great deal of gratitude to Chris Fredericks, VK2BYI. QSO Relay provides functionality at a very important and fast moving time in ham radio. QSO Relay enables Ham Radio Deluxe users to enjoy the benefits provided by JTAlert and WSJT X for digital modes such as JT65, JT9, and a mode that has taken the ham radio community by storm - FT8.

    Chris worked with us patiently to sort out problems with our API to make this happen. Chris gave us permission to reproduce his instructions on how to setup QSO Relay with JTAlert and WSJT X to enable Ham Radio Deluxe users to enjoy these digital modes and log FT8 QSOs into Ham Radio Deluxe Logbook AUTOMATICALLY. Please enjoy these instructions.

    Visit the VK2BYI webpage at

    Hams ask me the following question often, "Does Ham Radio Deluxe support FT8?" Through his efforts, Chris has made this possible for Ham Radio Deluxe users. We're very grateful.

    Thank you, Chris!

  • Update on the year 2017 thus far

  • HRD Software Announces Release of Version; Staff Addition

    Ham Radio Deluxe Version is now available to the public. This release has new features, enhancements, and improvements including 4 Logbook enhancements, and 26 defects were corrected across DM-780, Mapper, Rig Control, and Satellite Tracking.

  • Looking back at Dayton 2017

    After returning from Dayton, there are a few things in-motion.

    First of all - thanks to all who came by our booth at Dayton. We enjoyed meeting everyone and you made our weekend successful. We also appreciate all the positive energy and well-wishes. We're very grateful for that.

    On Friday (2-June), we moved our website and webstore to UltraCart. UltraCart is one of the best eCommerce webstore environments on the Internet. It gives us greater stability, availability, and is able to integrate directly with our license servers, the maker of our CDs, and other merchandise partners. Customers who purchase software will receive their license key in their purchase receipt and - if they buy a CD - the CD will be manufactured and shipped directly from a fulfillment partner within 24 hrs.

    All of this is for the purposes of being more responsive to our customers.