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Ham Radio Deluxe | New Customer Welcome Message

Announcement | New Customer Welcome Message

With our new software license platform that we migrated to in July 2019 (Soraco QLM), we now have the ability to send out welcome emails to new customers. These welcome emails contain some good information about their purchase, their key, and obtaining support.

I'm re-posting it here for those who are existing customers and would not have received this welcome message.

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Ham Radio Deluxe Welcome Message

Welcome, !

I would like to personally thank you for joining the Ham Radio Deluxe family. I speak on behalf of all of us here at HRD Software when I say - Welcome! We are looking forward to serving you.

We recommend that you keep this email handy for future reference.

You can download the software at www.HamRadioDeluxe.com

Your purchase receipt from HRD Software, subject "Receipt and Software Activation Key for Order", contains your software activation key as follows:


NOTE: The system does not send out invalid keys. Almost all problems related to activating keys has to do with mistakes made when entering the key manually. For this reason, we recommend that customers copy (Ctrl-C) the key from this message or the receipt and paste (Ctrl-V) the key into the software's activation form.

Should you need your key in the future, you can always obtain it from:


You are entitled to install Ham Radio Deluxe on up to 5 computers you own simultaneously. You can manage the activations on these machines here:


With this purchase, you have a permanent entitlement to run Ham Radio Deluxe, per the terms of the software license agreement. We do not sell the software on a subscription basis. You never need purchase the software again.

We want you to remain as up to date with our software versions as possible. We email release announcements via our newsletter. In some years, we have done as many as 10 software releases a year.

Following this purchase, you are entitled to new features & enhancements and direct access to our technical support team for a period of 12 months. This period is referred to as the Software Maintenance and Support period.

Your Software Maintenance and Support expires on (mm/dd/yyyy). After this date, you have the option to purchase a renewal of Software Maintenance and Support in 12-month increments. The regular price for the renewal is 50% less than the regular retail price for the software.

A more comprehensive explanation of Software Maintenance and Support can be found on our blog page here:

Ham Radio Deluxe Software and Support Services Explained

IMPORTANT: Your software activation key and your purchase record are tied to your email address (rather than your callsign). In order to avoid confusion and delays for future purchases or support requests, please use this email address as your single unique identifier for Ham Radio Deluxe. Let us know if your email address has changed.

The software activation is also tied to your callsign when you install the software. Please contact sales support if your callsign changes (see support options below).

Obtaining Support

We maintain a support site for your convenience at https://support.hamradiodeluxe.com

For matters related to your software activation key and keeping your email address and callsign up to date, please contact our sales department via email at sales@hrdsoftwarellc.com.

If you need technical support, please create the request via the support site or via email at support@hrdsoftwarellc.com (sending technical support requests to the sales email will delay our response).

NOTE: All our sites are separate sites. As such, they do not share username and passwords. Your registration on each site is unique.

Ham Radio Community

Volunteers frequent our forums site where you can obtain support from your peers at:

Ham Radio Deluxe Peer Support Forums

Our YouTube channel has lots of helpful videos that range from "Getting Started" to more advanced topics. Visit our YouTube channel at:

Ham Radio Deluxe YouTube Channel

The official Ham Radio Deluxe Facebook page is:

Ham Radio Deluxe on Facebook

We will email you a newsletter on a routine basis. In case you would like to see back issues, the newsletters are reposted here:

Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter Blog

Again, we welcome you. We are grateful for your support.

73 de Mike, WA9PIE, VK4EIE

HRD Software, LLC

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