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Ham Radio Deluxe Release Announcement

Ham Radio Deluxe v6.7.0.262 Release Announcement

The version of Ham Radio Deluxe is now available for download. Please download it from the Download pages on our website at:


This release completes the work that began with In general, the intent of this release is to resolve a number of long-standing customer complaints about callsign lookup (the QTH field was not correct and many fields were not being populated at all; sources like QRZ.com, HamQTH, QRZCQ, and HamCall all presented data differently and Logbook wasn't correctly parsing the data). This also solves a long-standing customer complaint where QSOs with stations that are not part of a DXCC country (like maritime mobile and aeronautical mobile) were being counted in DXCC awards totals. Some users reported a "Encountered and improper argument" error in DM-780; fixed.

The full release notes can be found here >>Release Notes<<

All those who have purchased Ham Radio Deluxe at any time in the past should download and install this version in order to benefit from all bug fixes. You are entitled to them. Our clients who are covered by an active Software Maintenance and Support period are entitled to Feature Enhancements.

What's Up Next

With these release announcements, I will being flashing what the priorities are the the new few releases. We'll begin to focus on finite releases related to specific customer requests.

Next Release - We'll begin immediately to code the corrections to the FT4 submode. This will make it easier to match FT4 QSOs in Logbook through LOTW download.

Following that - we're working to obtain a specimen FTdx101D from Yaesu, finish the work on QSL labeling, updating the IOTA list, and ADIF data improvements to the Satellite application. (not limited to these items)

Peggy Browning Retirement Announcement

Additionally, we are announcing the retirement of a highly revered member of our sales team – Peggy Browning.

Peggy attended college at Glassboro State (NJ) and was certified in accounting. Prior to joining HRD Software in 2015, she has worked for Parish & Company – a division of the NY Stock Exchange – and several companies in NJ as a bookkeeper and office manager.

Peggy is retiring to spend more time with her family. Her husband – Tim Browning (KB3NPH) – is a technical support technician for HRD Software.

Peggy has been an integral part of our sales team and has contributed greatly to the growth in our company. She has supported Ham Radio Deluxe clients through our biggest growth years. We couldn’t have done it without her. We are very grateful for her service and dedication to our customers. She will be missed.

Best Wishes to Peggy. She will always remain a member of our family.


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Thank you es 73 de Mike, VK4/WA9PIE

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