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Ham Radio Deluxe Release Announcement

Release Announcement | Ham Radio Deluxe

FT4 QSOs upload compatibility in eQSL, ClubLog, QRZ Log, and HRDLog

The version of Ham Radio Deluxe is now available for download. Please download it from the Download pages on our website at:


This is a maintenance release that resolves a problem where properly formatted QSOs that use Submode (FT4, for example) were not being uploaded correctly to eQSL, HRDLog.net, ClubLog, and QRZ Logbook. This completes the work for Submode and FT4.

The full release notes can be found here:


ATTENTION: There will be new videos that demonstrate these changes published on our YouTube Channel. We strongly recommend that folks who use FT4 take the time to watch the videos on our YouTube channel that describes and demonstrates this change.

All those who have purchased Ham Radio Deluxe at any time in the past should download and install this version in order to benefit from all bug fixes. If you are receiving this email, you are entitled to the fixes in this release. Our clients who are covered by an active Software Maintenance and Support period are entitled to Feature Enhancements.

Again - if you're receiving this email, you are entitled to the fixes in this release. We strongly recommend that you download and install it. If you need your software activation key, refer to the link below.

Please watch these newsletters for updates. Pass these updates along to your friends.

All prior Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletters and a list of the development activities that are "next-in-line" will be posted on our website's blog at:


Thank you es 73 de Mike, WA9PIE (VK4EIE)

HRD Software, LLC

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