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Ham Radio Deluxe Release Successful

Ham Radio Deluxe Success!

I would like to thank our customers for their patience.

This blog is going to be rather brief and straight-forward.

We have had good response to our release of Ham Radio Deluxe. I'm pleased that everything is working as designed.

There are two common questions that we have had and I wanted to include these in a broader communications to you all.

  • With this release, we have renewed our "digital code-signing certificate." This is the mechanism that validates that the software you are installing comes from a trusted source. Given that it's a new certificate, Microsoft (and other tools) will need to "see" this being downloaded for a period of time in order to add it to its trusted list. It's completely valid and safe. Not everyone sees a warning, but some do.
  • Recently, changes to TQSL have required validation of station information (location, in-particular). This caused us to change the way that "slash calls" are handled. (for example, VK4/WA9PIE or WA9PIE/M) With that changing, DX clusters will not allow "slash calls" to connect. With the release, the callsign in the "Operator Callsign" field is sent to the cluster. It cannot contain a slash. Some folks either didn't have this field populated, or it was populated with something other than a callslgn (such as their name).
  • The FTDX101 is listed there as an FTDX101MP. We intended to label it as "FTDX101D/MP". It works for BOTH and there is one difference related to the output power. The RF power limit of the D model is 100 watts. The RF power limit of the MP is 200 watts. The slider goes to 200 watts. If you drag the slider above 100 watts on the D model, it will snap back to 100 watts (mid-point of the slider). This is the proper operation of the software.

If you are having trouble connecting to the DX cluster, please click here. This will explain what the fields are used for and how to update it.

Other than that, everything has gone very well.

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