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Ham Radio Deluxe Release Announcement

Ham Radio Deluxe v6.7.0.391 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of Ham Radio Deluxe. Please download it from the Download pages on our website – www.HamRadioDeluxe.com

This release introduces phase one of a very exciting enhancement and several customer requests in a number of areas. In-all, there were 30 items resolved out of the development backlog.

We have prepared a companion "release video" on our YouTube channel that demonstrates the changes in this release.

The following is included in this release:

Worked Status Indicators (WSIs) Added

In this release, we have added Worked Status Indicators (WSIs). As data is provided by the DX cluster connection, these “phase 1” WSIs will show the operator whether they need a spotted station by Grid, State, CQ zone, ITU zone, and Continent regardless of band or mode. This enhancement is available to all past and present customers.

Rig Control Updates

This release includes significant improvements for two popular Yaesu radios – FTDX101D/MP and the FTDX10. Several commands have been added in Rig Control to these radios, including the overall RF power control, IF shift, manual notch filter, and keyer speed. Quite a bit of focus was put into making sure these radios supported split operations with 3rd-party programs like WSJTJ-X and JTDX.

I’d like to thank our testers – in-particular Howard (W6HDG) and Roger (AC6BW) – for sticking with these items and doing such a great job of testing. The developers of 3rd party programs were also very helpful in ensuring that “the FTdx101 is working gloriously in every way,” according to W6HDG.

Data mode is now available for the IC-9700. Minor improvements were made for the IC-705.

Contest fields – STX, STX_STRING, SRX, and SRX_STRING – now all appear in the ALE. They now import and export to the correct locations in the database.

There were six tweaks made to label printing, bulk editor, and resolved an issue with the CQ US Counties Award (USCA) where counties with hyphenated names were not appearing in the report.

Q65, and FT4W modes were added to the modes table as standard ADIF supported modes. These modes can now be updated over the Internet in a way similar to how the country list is updated. This enables modes to be added quickly, without the need to build a software release.

The full release notes can be found by clicking here.

All those who have purchased Ham Radio Deluxe at any time in the past should download and install this version to benefit from these improvements. You are entitled to them. Our clients who are covered by an active Software Maintenance and Support period are entitled to Feature Enhancements.

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Thank you es 73 de Mike, WA9PIE, VK4EIE

HRD Software, LLC

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