Ham Radio Deluxe Development list of priorities as of 21-June 2020

Development Priorities as of 21-June 2020

With the Ham Radio Deluxe release, all open items related to FT4 as a Submode of MFSK are resolved. The QSOs now go properly into Logbook, upload to LOTW, eQSL, ClubLog, QRZ Log, and HRDLog properly, and will match upon download from these services.

[Editorial note: I'm really not pleased that it took so long to get the work related to FT4 Submode and confirmation completed.]

Reflecting on what has been accomplished by our developers since January 2017, we have the following:

  • 624 development requests entered prior to Jan 2017 were closed after Jan 2017
  • 232 development requests entered prior to Jan 2017 remain open (119 defects; 113 enhancement requests)
  • 191 open defects currently in the system (the majority of them are minor)

For these numbers above, there's a bit of duplication and some of these will be found to have been fixed in previous releases.

Now that this is complete, here are a few items that have moved to the top of the list for our developers.

This doesn't mean other things won't be worked on. But this is the minimum list at this point.

The Short List (actively being worked):

  • Problems with the Start time (#3663); resolved in 6.7.282 (not yet released)
  • Add the FTdx101D (#3257); development in-progress
  • Cannot connect to DX cluster when the user has selected a callsign to use that contains a slash character (#3689)
  • Add "Comment" Field to the drop-down for "Filter" searching (#3600)
  • Partial and Exact buttons on ALE no longer working (#2915)
  • Additional callsigns with prefix that do not contain a number are not showing in My Station (#3695)

Following and in the queue:

  • Fix QSL labels (#3615 is the parent)
  • IOTA list update (#2926)
  • Rig Control/Rig Builder (#3650)
  • Get rid of Access (#3636)
  • WSI Alarm (#1624)
  • LOTW upload if queued (#3664)
  • Cluster login/logout (#3656)
  • Fix the mystery about backup save & restore locations (#2149)
  • Fix awards definition builder (#3226)
  • Dealing with the comment field - Logbook vs. DM-780 (#3666)
  • Callsign lookup option to include previous Comment from Logbook (#3665)
  • Club roster / guest operator (#3357)
  • Add Counties award (#486)
  • Software update notification
  • Chat server (#470)
  • Winkeyer truncates transmission of less than 9 characters (#1835)
  • Mantis 2014 - Repeat timer when using Winkeyer (#2014)
  • ILGRadio database (#3506)
  • Add "quick ALE" to Satellite Tracking application (#3667)
  • Logbook does not offer a list of satellites (#3142)