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Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter | 16-November 2019

Newsletter | Ham Radio Deluxe | 16-November 2019

Status Update on the 6.7 Maintenance Release

I wanted to give you all a quick update on the progress we're making about resolving the (new) defects you all reported in the release.

It's worth noting that this is the first release since early 2017 where a new release has introduced new defects. We're all quite proud of that. The 6.7 release was a very complex release that contained a number of ambitious fixes to many items that clients had reported to us in the past. So - we'll start anew and re-double our efforts... and we'll likely make fewer changes per release.

The list of new defects reported were related to the following:

  • Callsign Lookup caused the program to hang in some cases
  • Logbook tab in the ALE wasn't displaying previous QSOs for either exact or partial
  • eQSL download wasn't honoring the date range and pulling 100% of confirmations
  • QRZ upload had an error that prevented the upload
  • Some data was missing from the Lookup pane in Logbook and DM-780

Most of these things have already been fixed and have been verified in alpha builds. I spoke to the developer working on these items a few minutes ago and we believe we'll have a build going to the beta team Sunday evening (in the US). This is probably a quick beta cycle and we'll publish a 6.7 maintenance release sometime early next week.

If you don't see your favorite item in the list above, I would ask you to refrain from sending replies asking "When are you going to fix ?" Give us a chance to get past this cycle and we'll go from there. (If there's time during beta testing, I'll ask a developer to look at the Dymo and Brother single label printer issue again.)

Once we get this maintenance release out, we're going to finish off the "FT4 submode" topic.

If the release is causing you pain, I have posted the link to the build in our release notes under that release. You can also obtain it from here:


You can follow the progress directly at: https://ReleaseNotes.HamRadioDeluxe.com

Mike Carper, VK4/WA9PIE


HRD Software, LLC

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