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Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter | 30-August 2019

Newsletter | Ham Radio Deluxe | 30-August 2019

Update on Ham Radio Deluxe 6.7 Release

I'm happy to report that the Ham Radio Deluxe 6.7 beta has been delivered to our beta testers. I anticipate that the testing could take a couple weeks.

We're slightly behind schedule on this release due to the delays from the 6.6 release and the migration to our new license server. But now that this has been completed, I anticipate our standard release cadence to resume (about 9 releases per year).

There are over 50 changes in this release including - support for the ICOM IC-9700 and Kenwood TS-890S, and the addition of a major new feature - the panadapter display for capable ICOM and Kenwood radios (IC-7300, IC-7610, IC-9700, TS-890S).

A complete list of the changes going into beta can be found here:


While we're proceeding with beta testing for this release, I've asked the team to look at the issue related to matching FT4 confirmations from LOTW in HRD Logbook.

Newsletter Changes

Now that we have migrated to the new license server, we will be taking the newsletter mailing list from the data in the license server. The newsletter will be sent to the email address associated with you license key - provided that you have agreed to emails and have not previously used the unsubscribe link in prior emails.

Your Permanent Software Activation Key

For your records, your permanent software activation key information is as follows:

Callsign: WA9PIE

Allowed Number of PCs to Activate: 5

Number of PCs Remaining: 5

Software Maintenance and Support Expiration Date: 01/23/2026

You can always obtain your software activation key and this information by visiting:


...using the email address that this email was sent - mike@wa9pie.net

For the security of your key, we did not include it in this message.

You can manage your 5 allowed machines by deactivating keys on PCs you no longer need the software installed on.

If you have not installed the Ham Radio Deluxe 6.6 release, please do so at your earliest convenience. Regardless of your Software Maintenance and Support expiration date, you are entitled to the bug fixes and performance improvements in these releases. Installing these new releases is how you get them.

Some feature enhancements in these releases are permanently enabled when your Software Maintenance and Support expiration date is later than the release date when the feature was released. Therefore, all features are enabled through the new Software Maintenance and Support expiration date when Software Maintenance and Support is renewed. You will be able to see a list of these features within the License Manager in the 6.7 release.

Legacy Software License Server

In early October, we will be shutting down the legacy software license server. Software already installed at that point will continue to run as normal. Any need to reinstall the software will then require at least version 6.6 and the new activation key mentioned above.

Privacy Statement

With Ham Radio Deluxe v6.7, we have added a privacy statement to the activation process. Your privacy is important to us. We understand that you may not want companies to maintain information about you.

In order for the software activation key to work, it is necessary to maintain a record in the new software license server that includes your email address, callsign, and information about your registered machines. This information is only used to protect your purchase, our intellectual property, and enable features in the software that you purchase. Activating Ham Radio Deluxe will require acceptance of our privacy policy.

All our systems are now hosted and managed by 3rd parties who have customers globally. We desire to work only with other companies who take your privacy seriously and can demonstrate that they conform to all requirements as processors of your information. As controllers of the data, we ensure that access to the data is limited to cases where we are directly supporting you.

Our privacy policy can be found here:


Mike, VK4/WA9PIE

HRD Software, LLC

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