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Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter for 2-May 2019

Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter for 02-May 2019

Software License Server Change Coming

We are excited to let you know that HRD Software is making a move to a new software license server. This important newsletter explains how our customers will be affected by these changes.

WHAT are we changing?

We’ve been using a license management server that we wrote in-house in 2012. To better serve our customers, we’re migrating off that system to a commercial product.

WHY are we changing?

Our customer base has outgrown the current system. The new system will let us more reliably and efficiently serve our customers.

The new system will improve our customer experience by enabling self-service password reset and license key retrieval. You can retrieve a lost license key without opening a support ticket!

WHEN are we changing?

We are in the final phases of configuring the new system and making changes to our software. The full beta testing process began this week. We will likely make the move to the new system after the Dayton Hamvention.

HOW will this affect you? WHAT will you need to do?

This change will happen in phases as follows:

  • The change will be made with the release of Ham Radio Deluxe v6.6. All customers are entitled to this maintenance release at no charge.
  • We will import all existing users into the new system. The new system uses different keys. We'll be emailing a new key to the email address we have for each customer. If you’re receiving this newsletter, we will be using this email address to send you your new software activation key for v6.6.
  • Customers who download the v6.6 release will need to use the new software activation key. The old keys will not work with the v6.6 release and future releases. The new key won’t work on versions prior to v6.6.
  • We will leave the legacy license server online for a period of no more than 90 days. During this time, customers who wish to install previous versions of Ham Radio Deluxe, and who have their original activation keys, will be able to do so.
  • Existing installations of Ham Radio Deluxe (versions prior to v6.6) are not disabled by shutting off the legacy license server. However, after the legacy license server is removed, the old keys can no longer be used to install older versions of the software.
  • Effectively, we’re discontinuing support for versions prior to v6.6. We request that customers upgrade to the latest version during a support call anyway.
  • All these phases are complete in about 90 days from when v6.6 is made available and the legacy license server is eliminated.

We need all customers to install the v6.6 release. There’s no charge. Regardless of when you made your purchase, or whether your Software Maintenance and Support has expired, you need to install this free upgrade.

There will be follow-up communications about this change, so stay tuned!

Please watch these newsletters for updates. Pass these updates along to your friends.

Newsletters will also be posted on our website's blog at:


Thank you es 73 de Mike, WA9PIE
HRD Software, LLC

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