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Ham Radio Deluxe v6.6.0.236 Released

Ham Radio Deluxe v6.6.0.236 Release Announcement

Ham Radio Deluxe version is now available for download.

The sole purpose of this release is to replace the software license server. This is a very important maintenance release and all future versions of Ham Radio Deluxe will require this platform for managing software activation keys.

We strongly recommend reading this email in its entirety.

If you did not receive your replacement key, please read below.

The installation process is the same as with any other release. Download the software from www.HamRadioDeluxe.com and run the setup to install the software.

You will see the following data entry form:

Ham Radio Deluxe License Key Manager

You’ll be prompted to complete the following additional steps:

  • Enter your "Callsign"
  • Copy your key from the email you received and paste it into the field that says "Software Activation Key"
  • Click "Activate Key"; in a moment, the key will be activated; Software License Type will say "Permanent License"
  • The Software Maintenance and Support expiration date will be shown. It is unchanged from what you had previously.
  • Click "OK" and the software will run

Multiple computers

You are entitled to install this key on up to five computers. If you end up replacing a computer, you can deactivate it to activate on another computer.

Forgot your key?

In the future, if you forget your key, you can go to https://KeyRetrieval.HamRadioDeluxe.com, enter your email address into the form, and the system will email your key to you.

Additional callsigns for family members

We allow the addition of callsigns for family members using the same installation of Ham Radio Deluxe. Calls checked on QRZ.com and must have the same mailing address. Family members outside the household require their own software activation key.

On some occasions, operators also have multiple calls for various purposes. The same process of requesting and validating them is required.

Callsigns are added by request through a help ticket at:


IMPORTANT: If you had additional family calls before, this process does not delete that data. However, you will need to make a new request to have them added again. No additional key is required, but we need to load them and associate the callsign with the primary customer’s key. You will see these additional callsigns in My Station after we add them to your key.

Family members using the same station computer should always use separate Windows user accounts. This keeps the logbooks, awards, macros, and other user-based configurations separate between the callsigns.


If you did not receive your replacement key via email yesterday, there are predictable reasons for this. Some customers used Express Checkout for their purchase. Some have changed email addresses. Some have unsubscribed to newsletters (which will block any emails before they're sent from our outbound server).

Please check junk folders and any other folders in your inbox to be sure that messages from hrdsoftwarellc.com are not being blocked.

If you did not get the replacement key by now, please send an email to sales@hrdsoftwarellc.com and the sales team will research this and email you back. Due to the amount of time required to research these, we strongly recommend that you avoid calling us for this purpose.

Wrong Callsign?

Lots of hams have changed their callsigns. Over the years, we have made those changes and issued replacement keys for that. The old license server did not track these changes well. As a result, it's possible that you received a key for an old call.

If you received a key for both calls, disregard the one for the old call. If you received a key for an old call and not the current call, just email us at sales@hrdsoftwarellc.com and we'll fix that for you. Your key will not change in the process.

The full release notes can be found here:


Thank you es 73 de Mike, WA9PIE

HRD Software, LLC

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