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Looking back at Dayton 2017

Ham Radio Deluxe Newsletter | Dayton 2017

What Happened at the Dayton Hamvention in 2017

After returning from Dayton, there are a few things in-motion.

First of all - thanks to all who came by our booth at Dayton. We enjoyed meeting everyone and you made our weekend successful. We also appreciate all the positive energy and well-wishes. We're very grateful for that.

On Friday (2-June), we moved our website and webstore to UltraCart. UltraCart is one of the best eCommerce webstore environments on the Internet. It gives us greater stability, availability, and is able to integrate directly with our license servers, the maker of our CDs, and other merchandise partners. Customers who purchase software will receive their license key in their purchase receipt and - if they buy a CD - the CD will be manufactured and shipped directly from a fulfillment partner within 24 hrs.

All of this is for the purposes of being more responsive to our customers.

We also have some code going to beta testers. The 649 build includes a number of long-standing items related to column sorting. These changes were made by a new member of our team - Mike, K7ZCZ.

In addition, we'll be replacing our existing license code with a commercial product where they will also host the server.

A number of folks had asked to have the ability to "auto-renew" annual software maintenance and support. I believe we'll have that ability soon.

We have some great things planned this year. We're going to kill a ton of bugs and we're going to offer some new and unique features.

73 de Mike, WA9PIE

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