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Notes, Hints, and Tips on Installing New Versions of Ham Radio Deluxe
Ham Radio Deluxe

Ham Radio Deluxe | Installation Tips

We Are Grateful For Your Support

We've received great feedback regarding our recent newsletter. Since making management changes on 1/1/2017, we have received very positive responses to the changes we've made in our approach to always put our customers first. All of us at HRD Software are grateful for your support. We thank you!

There are questions that we get rather often. I'd like to take this opportunity to answer a few of these questions that would likely be of interest to many.

How Do I Install The Latest Version of Ham Radio Deluxe?

Many folks wanted to know if they had to uninstall previous versions or how much work was involved in installing the latest version.

Generally speaking - all that is necessary is to simply download and install the latest version. It will install as an upgrade to the previous version. All logbook databases, macros, and settings will be retained.

Those upgrading from version 5 will see an upgrade wizard that will step through the process of upgrading the installation to version 6. This is done while retaining settings for version 5 as a precaution.

What We Sell/What You're Buying

It's important to understand how we sell Ham Radio Deluxe in order for you to get the full benefit of your purchase.

First of all - we don't sell software subscriptions. Our model for selling Ham Radio Deluxe software is almost identical to the way many other software makers sell their software - like Microsoft, McAfee, Intuit, TurboTax, and so on. That is - you get a software activation key for the product that allows you to run that version of software forever. Specific to Ham Radio Deluxe, you're also entitled to bug fixes for as long as it is technically feasible to continue to support your operating system or our generation of software.

We sell two things.

One - We sell software activation keys to Ham Radio Deluxe. It's a "perpetual software license"to use the version of software that you purchased. This purchase includes 12 months of feature enhancements and direct access to our technical support staff. This is called "Software Maintenance and Support."

And two - After that 12 month period expires, you have the option to renew Software Maintenance and Support in 12 month increments. This simply enables you to continue to receive software enhancements and have direct access to our technical support staff. This also helps to support the on-going development of Ham Radio Deluxe. Renewal optional, but is often incorrectly referred to as a "subscription." Renewals of Software Maintenance and Support are always 50% of the cost of a new software licence.

Regardless of whether or not you are covered by Software Maintenance and Support, we strongly recommend remaining current with Ham Radio Deluxe to enjoy the benefits of fixes that have been released.

Actually, we also sell very handsome shirts, hats, and coffee mugs too!

Thank you es 73 de Mike, WA9PIE

HRD Software, LLC

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