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Ham Radio Deluxe Rotor Control Software for Antenna Rotors

Rotor Control Software for Directional Amateur Radio Antennas

Integrating with Logbook and Satellite Tracking, Rotor Control manages beam headings via any computer interfaced rotor controller.

Many modern control boxes such as the M2 RC2800PX, Green Heron RT-2x series, Yaesu GS-232, MDS RC-1, and HyGain DCU series controllers have computer control capability. Many more can be fitted for computer control – why not put them to work?

Rotor Control displays a Mercator or great circle projection map that enables click-to-point rotor operation.

Drop-down country lists also make it easy to find those rare DX entities: simply select the country name to point your beam and start calling. Rotor Control is the finishing touch for your station integration project.

  • Provides automatic positioning from Logbook
  • Built in DDE Server. Interface with:
    • HRD Satellite
    • Nova for Windows
    • Orbitron
  • Controls Azimuth and Elevation
  • Provisions for built-in stops and offset correction

Supported rotors:

AlfaSpid RAS/RAK, EA4TZ, Easycom I/II, Green Heron RT-20/21, HyGain DCU 1/2, Idiom Press, M2 RC-2800 PX, MDS RC-1, Prosistel B/C/D, Yaesu G-232


Ham Radio Deluxe Rotor Contorl Screen

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