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The Last Free Versions of Ham Radio Deluxe Are Nearly 10 Years Old

Almost ten years have passed since the last free version was created by the original author of Ham Radio Deluxe in 2011 - Simon Brown (then HB9DRV). With Simon planning to move on to other projects, we were able to acquire the source code and rights to Ham Radio Deluxe - "past, present, and future."

In 2012, we produced 11 free versions of Ham Radio Deluxe. Most of them were focused on the backlog of bugs. Our last free version was v5.24.38 in late 2012.

Since we began selling the software at the beginning of 2013, we have produced and published 54 releases and closed out over 1,500 customer-requested software changes in Ham Radio Deluxe. While recent versions of Ham Radio Deluxe have a familiar "look-and-feel", they have significantly more features and performance than the software had ten years ago.

The full release notes can be found HERE.

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